Understanding Mediation And Its Benefits

When entering the legal system, many people assume that they will have to end up sitting in front of a judge. To their surprise, that isn’t always the case. We have helped clients throughout New York understand the mediation process for 35 years.

What You Can Expect

Whether you are considering divorce or are in the middle of a high-asset divorce, there are many options to consider. While our attorney does not serve as a divorce mediator, he helps couples navigate mediation. This means he can act as your representative during this alternative dispute resolution process. Our job is to clearly and effectively communicate your needs and wishes. In these situations, the ability to compromise is key. We will keep your best interests at the forefront while their attorney does the same. The end goal is an agreement where everyone feels comfortable.

There are many benefits to mediation. The one that is most important to note is that it often speeds things up. Going to court can be time-consuming. With a judge overseeing so many different cases, it can lead to serious delays. Mediation also allows you to come up with your own terms. This means that whatever works for you and your partner, works for the court. Lastly, it is often cost-effective. Since the legal process can take longer, it involves more fees. Our firm can help you decide if this is an option.

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