Financially Supporting Your Child Is Important

Making sure your child is financially secure is crucial. When a couple separates, the decisions that they make will directly impact their children. Our founding attorney Lee A. Rubenstein has helped clients throughout New York make these difficult choices. Our team is here to provide you with the information you need so you can start to move forward.

How Does Child Support Work?

If a child support agreement cannot be reached out of court, it will go before a judge. There are a number of things they will look at when determining what is in the best interest of the child. Their top priority is making sure that the standard of living at each parent’s house is the same. Parenting agreements come in all shapes and sizes, which also has an influence on child support. Where the children live, what they need and their age are all under consideration.

Even after a divorce settlement is reached, it is important to know that these agreements can be modified if necessary. Perhaps your salary has significantly increased or significantly decreased. Maybe there has been a substantial change of circumstances, and that payment is no longer needed. As the years go by, the child might need less from each parent. It all depends on your specific situation. As your attorney, we will discuss all of the options in front of you. Then, we can decide how to move forward.

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